Jetpulse Filter Bags

Dusty gases enter from top of the hopper by the entrance chimney hood as passing through the pipes with the vacuum effect created by ventilator situated at the end of system (after the filter) and then that gases scatter to the hopper before coming to the bags. Filtration is made from the outer surface of bags to the inside. At the same time, accumulated dust coat on the bag surface helps to the filtration.

Cleaned gases fill the clean gas cell at the top as passing through the bag and they are thrown to the atmosphere from the ventilator chimney as passing through the exit pipe. (Filtrated clean air passes through the ventilator.)

Cleaning of accumulated dust coat at the outside of the filter bags in time is made by the pressurized air. Poured dust from the bags is taken to the outside from the filter lower hopper by the Air-Lock and Spire Conveyor or they are collected in a bucket. Pressurized air effect is provided with the short beats during the cleaning operation.

Being repulsed of the pressurized air to the filter bags with whipstitches is provided by a electronic Timer. Timer cleaning intervals and times can be adjusted.
Flattening of the bags with the vacuum effect in the filter body (negative air pressure) is prevented by a cage. Assembling and change of the bags is made from the top, in other words clean part, after opening the filter top cover.