Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Antiscalant; itt is a chemical that is dosed prior to the introduction of reverse osmosis membranes of water from the pre-treatment. Prevents the reaction of Calcium [Ca ++], Magnesium [Mg ++] and Bicarbonate [HCO3] ions and prevents the formation of precipitates in the membranes.

Antiscalant prevents formations on the reverse osmosis membrane, which may cause clogging and may cause infertility and accumulation. In this way, the life of your membrane is prolonged, a cleaner membrane surface is provided.

Ketpol Antiscalant will stop using individual antiscalants for different blockages caused by different parameters such as silica, Fe, Ca and Mg. 0-50.000 performans µS between surface water, well water, sea water shows effective performance.

Antiscalant Membrane Performance Chemical effectively removes chemical-induced blockages. Parameters that cause chemical blockages;

  • 99% Calcium Removal
  • 99% Magnesium Removal
  • 95% Iron Removal
  • 95% Silica removal